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[ENG] Think Open Rovereto Symposium 2021-02

Power analysis for Neuroimaging
CIMeC UNITN, 18th November, 2021

Speakers: Beyer F., Ellis C. 

[IT] ITRN Kickoff Event - October 14, 2021

First public event organized by ITRN - Presentation of the network (slides ENG)

[ENG] ITRN Kickoff Event - October 14, 2021 

"Open and reproducible science in neuroimaging: It takes an ecosystem"

Speaker: Russell Poldrack

[IT] Symposium XXIX Congresso Nazionale SIPF Palermo - October 2, 2021 

Towards an open and reproducible science: Italian Reproducibility Network

Speakers: Bortoletto M, Calignano G, Crepaldi D, Iacovella V. 

[IT] Think Open Rovereto Symposium 2021-01

La scienza aperta nelle applicazioni cliniche
CIMeC UNITN, 17th June, 2021

Speakers: Borghesani V, Porteri C, Bertò G, Lettieri G. 

[ENG] Think Open Rovereto Workshop 2020

A virtual workshop on Open Science for Cognitive Neuroscience organized by Think Open @ CIMeC

Speakers:  Grassi M, Munafò M, Maumet C, Heunis S, Naim K., Botvinik-Nezer R, Bonaretti S, Iacovella V, Niso G, Pestilli F, Thompson WH, Esteban O.

[ENG] Open Science Seminars Think Open @ CIMeC 

Open Science Seminars CIMeC UniTN, from 2018 

Speakers: Iacovella V; Crepaldi D; Panizza F; Caffini M; Grassi M; Giglia E.

[IT] Giornata di ricerca: Open science, riproducibilità e ricerca in psicologia

Milano-Bicocca, 8th June, 2018 

Speakers: Grassi M, Agnoli F, Gallucci M, Paulesu E, Mammarella IC, Cutini S, Crepaldi D, Cubelli R, Perugini M.

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[ENG] A glossary from FORRT - Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training

A Glossary of terms relating to open scholarship

Associated paper: Parsons, S., Azevedo, F., Elsherif, M. M., Guay, S., Shahim, O. N., Govaart, G. H., … & Aczel, B. (2022). A Community-Sourced Glossary of Open Scholarship Terms. Nature human behaviour, 6(3), 312-318.   Opena Access link

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