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The first edition of the ITRN Award went far beyond our wildest expectations. We received 48 submissions, and all of them had very interesting aspects that would have deserved each a special mention and a dedicated space.

During the award ceremony we awarded 3 ITRN Award and 3 Honorable Mentions see more 

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Check the Agenda for the Online Seminars on Open Science - 2023 / 24 Edition! - Supported by AIP

See when the next "ReproCoffee" well be held, more info here


On Friday 23rd the ITRN 2023 Reproducibility price was awarded

This price is aecognition intended for those who, in the previous five years, have made contributions that are reproducible and/or replicable, or in line with the principles of open science. We received a large number of submissions, and during the review process it became clear to the committee that, given the high value of many submitted products, it would be impossible to award a single contribution as initially planned.  We evaluated contribution that were quantitatively and qualitatively worthy of receiving the award. Thereofre, the steering committee decided to award three prizes and officially nominate three more contributions. See more

We have created an ITRN community on Zenodo See the link and browse the currently available documents here   

The Italian Reproducibility Network became a registered association

ITRN has become a non-profit association, registered on 2 January 2023, whose aim is to promote, support and guard Open Science practices through the following activities

a) organisation of cultural and educational activities, such as conference and seminars to disseminate the culture of Open Science;

b) organisation of training initiatives aimed at building the skills to implement Open Science principles in one’s own research and institutionally with one’s own institution;

c) promotion, conduction and publishing of surveys and empirical analyses on the implementation of Open Science principles;

d) promotion and dissemination of transparent scientific practices;

e) establishment of international collaborative networks with legal entities dedicated to the promotion of Open Science;

f) support for metascientific research and multi-lab projects;

g) stimulating the participation of its members in international research projects and calls for funds related to the Association's aims;

h) advocacy to institutional decision-makers, and in particular to Italian and European legislators, for the promotion of Open Science in the management of academic and non-academic communities;

i) support of access to Open Science for all people regardless of origin, nationality, age, gender, psychosocial status, income, role, discipline, language, religion.

Read the full ITRN's term of referece "statuto" (in Italian).

The association was founded by Davide Crepaldi, Massimo Grassi, Vittorio Iacovella, Tiziana Metitieri, Carlo Miniussi and Cristina Zogmaister.

Strategic Plan: In order to plan activities for the two-year period 2023-2024, we have written a strategic plan. The plan brings together all the activities we want to implement over the two-year period of the Steering Group. You can find the plan at this link, and if you want to contribute to its realisation, send an email to us.


The Italian Reproducibility Network (ITRN) is a peer-led consortium that aims to investigate the factors that contribute to robust research and disseminate them within the Italian scientific community. This is achieved by promoting initiatives and offering a hub for scientists to get in touch, exchange ideas and good practices, and promote collective learning. ITRN seeks collaboration with scientists in several disciplines, technical experts in relevant fields and stakeholders, so as to connect the widest possible spectrum of skills and knowledge.

Similarly to the other Reproducibility Networks in the world, ITRN investigates the factors that contribute to poor research reproducibility and replicability, and try to develop virtuous approaches to counter these factors and improve the quality of research. It also promotes collaboration among scientists and experts across a broad array of disciplines.

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