How to become a member of the Italian Reproducibility Network

To register for ITRN, you need to send an email to with your name, surname, and type and duration of your subscription. You can sign in as a student, a researcher, an endorser, or in representation of an institution. You can also sign in for 1 year or for 3 years at a discounted rate (see below). 

As an example:

 I [Surname and name of applicant] would like to be a member of ITRN 

Requested Membership:  [select the category and the 1 or 3 year fee] 

We had no fees until December 2022. Since we became a Registered Association, we need to face some costs and therefore a fee was necessary. These are the fees for 2023:

🖵 new   🖵 renewal   Institutional°                                        1 year     250€  

🖵 new   🖵 renewal  Endorser                                                1 year  ≥ 100€ 

🖵 new   🖵 renewal  Researcher/Professor/Clinician*   1 year 30€ or 3 year 75€

🖵 new   🖵 renewal  Student^                                               1 year  20€ or 3 year 45€

°Institutional membership does not include the membership of individual belonging to the istitution

*Researcher, University Professor, PostDoc, Research assistant, Professional in the health area, Professional in the technical area, Librarian, Administrative, etc.

^Student in university courses, doctorate, specialisation, postgraduate school etc.



After acceptance of the application by the ITRN Steering Committee, a confirmation email will be sent.

In order to finalise your registration, you will then have to pay the membership fee, based on the information above

By bank transfer (Tramite bonifico bancario)

Coordinates for Bank Transfer

Beneficiario: Italian Reproducibility Network

Causale: Quota Associativa ITRN “Cognome e Nome” anno (indicare l'anno o anni) 

IBAN IT73U0306909606100000192818 

Sede: Banca Intesa San Paolo - Via Mantova, 19, 38122 Trento

To finalise your registration, please send a copy of your payment by email to