Collaborative projects

This page provides information on collaborative projects (e.g., multi-lab/multicentric) promoted by ITRN members. For further information, please contact, directly, the groups proposing the project.

If you are an ITRN member and would like to disseminate information about your multilab project please email us at contact

Team for TMS–EEG (T4TE) is a wide collaborative initiative aiming at improving the reproducibility of TMS–EEG research through high methodological rigor, acquisition of large datasets, scientific transparency, and data sharing. For more information visit the project website at this link. See also the related pubblication at this link.

NIBS-BIDS is a brain-imaging data strucure (BIDS) extension proposal (BEP) to include non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) techniques in the BIDS standard. BIDS standard provides a shared way to organize and describe complex datasets, with the final goal of support reproducibility in neuroscience. Most of neuroscientific modalities are already supported (EEG, MRI, PET etc..) and this team is working to expand this standard to include NIBS techniques. For more information please visit the BEP at this link or find BEP37 here