ITRN meeting

The first meeting in the presence of ITRN was held in Florence on 13 May 2022, in the Salone delle Robbiane, Villa La Quiete /AOU Meyer Firenze hosted by Tiziana Metitieri. The title of the meeting wasProvando e riprovando which recalls the motto of the Accademia del Cimento, established in 1657 in Florence to implement Galileo's experimental method

Soon the recordings of the presentations for the session "Practices of Reproducibility: new projects and new tools" will be available on line.

13:50 Greetings and opening of the meeting - Next in Open Science, Tiziana Metitieri

14.00 Practices of Reproducibility: new projects and new tools - Chair: Cristina Zogmaister, introducing short presentations from network members.

14:00 Sara Garofalo - Pre-registration: why and how

14:10 Agnese Zazio - Practices of reproducibility in TMS-EEG studies

14:20 Esther Maassen - Computational reproducibility of measurement invariance tests and meta-analyses

14:30 Marco Stebel - Protocol for improved reproducibility of liver studies: impact on animal reduction

14.45 The ITRN activity: an overview of the first year - Chairs: Davide Crepaldi and Vittorio Iacovella,

Nodes Presentation - Marco Tullio Liuzza

Preliminary results from the ITRN Survey - Maria Montefinese

ReproducibiliTea and ReproCoffee: a national platform to discuss reproducibility - Claudia Mazzuca, Federica Stablum

Educational activities - Federica Conte, Ezia Rizzi, Michela Vezzoli

SIPF-ITRN Prize - Marta Bortoletto,

Call for new proposals from the ITRN community (ideas from you to organize a new season of events)

15.45 Break: opportunities to create connections for collaborations

16.00 “Eppur si muove” Il presente della Scienza Aperta in Italia. Tavola rotonda. Introduce Massimo Grassi, moderatore Fabio Turone Lantin di SWIM e CESJ, con Roberto Caso di AISA, Emma Lazzeri di ICDI e GARR e Carlo Miniussi di ITRN

17.00 Closing remarks: Carlo Miniussi, Massimo Grassi, Davide Crepaldi, Tiziana Metitieri, Cristina Zogmaister