repro coffee

ReproCoffee is a journal club series where we illustrate and discuss papers about all things reproducibility and open science -- from methodology and statistics, to the way academia sets up good (and bad) incentives. Paper presentations last 10 to 15 minutes, followed by an informal discussion.

The initiative is run by Claudia Mazzuca, Beatrice Valentini, Chiara Fini and Davide Crepaldi.

We meet monthly, on-line, so you're welcome any corner of the world you currently sit on. To take part, you just need to complete this form, and you'll receive an email with a reminder and a link to take part into the event a few days before it happens.  

You can reach us collectively at; one of us will always be there for you. Ah, and we also tweet, so that's also a nice way to stay in touch. 



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28 February 2023, Five Selfish Reasons to Work Reproducibly. by Markowetz, 2015

31 January 2023, Measurement Schmeasurement by Flake & Fried, 2020

23 November 2022, Is Preregistration Worthwhile? by Aba Szollosi et al., 2020 

1 September 2022 "Aspiring to greater intellectual humility in science", by Hoekstra & Vazire, 2022.  

15 June 2022. Kick off day! A manifesto for reproducible science, by Munafò et al., 2017.